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  1. An n-dimensional Euclidian space with n > 3.
  2. A Euclidian space of unspecified dimension.
  3. A notional space orthogonal to the usual dimensions of space-time often used for faster-than-light travel.
    We can only get to the Nimrodian Galaxy if we go through hyperspace.
  4. (Video games): A means of teleporting one's character.
    I was totally surrounded, so I had to hit hyperspace.


notional space in science fiction

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Hyperspace may refer to:
Hyperspace also sounds similar to several terms used in mathematics, the term hyper often being used to refer to higher dimensional constructs:
  • Hyperspace, a Euclidean space of dimension greater than three. (The term was common in late nineteenth century British books, sometimes in the context of paranormal fantasies, but has become rarer since then.)
  • In topology a hyperspace is a topological space whose elements are subsets of another topological space.
  • Hyperplane, an affine subspace of codimension one in such a space.
  • Hypersphere, a round sphere dimension higher than 3, especially if embedded in such a space.
  • Hypersurface, a submanifold of codimension one, especially if embedded in such a space. This term includes hypersphere and hyperplane as special cases.
  • Tesseract, also known as a hypercube, a cube [0,1]d, where d > 3. The word tesseract was used, especially in nineteenth and early twentieth century British semi-popular books on mathematics, to denote the special case d = 4.


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